Books & Coffee

Books & Coffee - student project


I played around with a few styles and formats before finally commiting to the design below. I took some inspiration from the words themselves and came up with what you see below. "Books" is a basic serif, but I think I want to go back in and make the serifs more defined. For the word "coffee" I was inspired by the swirls and shapes of coffee creamer when you first pour it in.

This is my first attempt and I'm sure there is a lot of improvement to be made but I wanted to go ahead and share it with all of you lovely people! I welcome any feedback you have.

Books & Coffee - image 1 - student project


After thinking for days of what phrase I should choose for this project I thought it was best to keep it simple. Books & Coffee. This phrase combines three things I love dearly: books, coffee and ampersands.

I've been a web designer for about three years and I'm fairly new to the concept of lettering so when I saw this class I thought I would give it a try! Looking foreword to working with everyone and hearing your feedback as the class progresses.

Ashley Fennell

Graphic Designer