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Bookmark Business Card

So for this project I want to create a piece that will be printed on the front of a bookmark, with contact information for my mother, who runs her own tutoring business. on the back.   I am currently interning at a letterpress studio so that is where I will be producing the final output. This is my first stab at hand lettering so any and all feedback is welcome! 

Quote:  "Education is not preperation for life; Education is life itself" John Dewey

Word List: Education, books, rulers, chalkboard, apple, wood, graduation, school, spine, binding, signatures, coptic, stitch, growth, musk, dust, pen,pencil, paper, writing, reading, desk, class, tradition, goals, career, woven, together, intertwined, connected, building, community, help, coming together, opprotunity, hope, change, notebook, shelves, degree, scroll

Mood Board: I wanted to focus on typographic solutions that I admire and that would work well with letterpress. Also illustrations that capture the style I am going for. I am realy inspired by old book covers and spines, so maybe incorporating some of that in the design. 

Update #1

I meant to update this a while ago, so sorry for the slow progress! Since I am pretty new to hand lettering I decided to do type studies of fonts that I like from various foundries. I know I want to emphasize the word LIFE so I decided to focus on that. If anything became VERY apparent from this exercise was that lowercase "e's" are hard. Deffinitely need to work on those. 


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