Bookish Bouquets

Bookish Bouquets - student project

Bookish Bouquets - image 1 - student project

I recently started a small business making paper flower bouquets (for weddings, gifts and home decor) out of the pages of old books. I made all of the flowers in my own wedding last summer. Not only was I able to save a lot of money by using hand-made bouquets, bouteneers and centerpeices... but my flowers will last forever. My wedding bouquet was made out of books that I love, and sheet music from my husband's relative who was a vaudville musician. 

I really want these flowers to be something special, so I am hoping to create a tag to hang from the bouquets, and/or some kind of wrap for the boxes they will be shipped/delivered in. During this process I also hope to come up with design elements I can use throughout the website and all other promotional materials. I am hoping to attend some wedding shows in the coming year and want to show it all off :)

The two things I want my design to be most inspired by are: 1) old seed catalogs and seed packaging and 2) vintage bookplates. I am hoping to find a way to combine these in a pretty way!


UPDATE: May 20th

I've done some sketches! These are low quality scans, but they get the point across. The ones at the top are two that I fleshed out a bit more-- the ones at the bottom are all teeny tiny doodles, trying to come up with a layout that I like.

Bookish Bouquets - image 2 - student project

Bookish Bouquets - image 3 - student project


Here is my moodboard!

Bookish Bouquets - image 4 - student project