Bookcase Friends

Bookcase Friends - student project

Bookcase Friends - image 1 - student project

I took this class because I've been feeling like my drawing would benefit from having a better drawing practice (I like to rush straight to the final piece, without stopping along the way and thinking about reference images, proportions, whether the paper is large enough... you get the idea).


This class really helped.  This was my first time thumbnailing for colorways, and it's great-- without the above practice, I would have chosen the colors in the lower left and then not been completely happy with the mood they conveyed. This also gave me the opportunity to change a few minor details to strengthen the piece; I wanted it to be a little subtle, a little mysterious, but the spirit peeking from behind the cup in the center right was a little too subtle without another character to interact with. Et voila:

Bookcase Friends - image 2 - student project