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Bookbinding: Accordion Fold Book

I've started my project!

Paper Grain Test

Here are the results of my paper grain tests. They were very easy to do! Thanks to Charlotte's clear demonstration and explanations.



I used Charlotte's recommended way to use printer paper. Here is the model of the folded pages:


Glued together

Here are the pages after gluing together, and one of my curious helpers:



I used a cardboard box and a paper bag for the covers.


Painting the Covers

I painted the covers after gluing with acrylic paint. Maybe I should have used a less watery paint, or maybe I should have painted the paper before gluing it to the cover, because the paper became a bit wavy due to the paint. Not a big deal though. It might straighten out after drying, and even if it doesn't that's fine. A lesson to me for next time :-) Also I think I was rushing so I didn't put enough glue.


Gluing the Covers

Here is my supervisor making sure the book pile is OK:


And here is the finished book!


Next time I will do it more slowly and carefully. It took about an hour - two hours to do, including taking these photos and uploading them.

After a day of drying under a pile of books, the ripples in the paper flattened out. A few small flattened creases remain but I think that's a nice organic look too.


This was a fun and useful class!

I painted the pages of the book in acrylic and started doodling on the pages.



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