BookStorm.Club - READ.SHARE.CONNECT.REPEAT - student project

What is BookStorm.Club?  Here is what I have as the about page text on the site already:


Have you ever said to someone, "This book changed my life"?

BOOKSTORM.CLUB is a place where you can share thoughts and ideas about your favorite books. It is an online community full of avid readers and book lovers just like yourself, that are deeply impacted and changed by the books that they read. BOOKSTORM.CLUB is an online book club revolution!

BOOKSTORM.CLUB allows people to share ideas about books that are making a difference in their life. It was created by book-lovers to connect with others and to answer one question... "What ideas might we dream up together?"

Any book you can find in amazon can be added as a forum, simply search for the book of your choice in the "Find Book" input box and then click on the "Enter Forum" button next to the desired book.


Current Stage of Project:

I launched this site a month or two ago with no financial backing, which means I don't have a captive audience for giving people rewards or communicating the progress of the project.  I do have 20+ people who have 'liked' the associated FB page so when I post there they will see it.  I took this class to help figure out how to create the community which this site is designed for.  Following are my notes, please leave a comment if you have any other ideas for how I can build community around this site:

Potential Audience Groups:

1) Book Lovers and people who join book clubs

2) Friends

3) Authors

Ideas for Stories:

1) Connect with others who like your favoriate books and help write "the rest of the story", maybe even inspire sequels through author interactions.

2) Discuss exciting/inspiring concepts in your favorite books with others

Where to find audiences:

1) book stores, author FB pages and book clubs, author FB pages and websites

2) FB

3) direct contact through author websites, contacts in books, FB pages, etc.