BookByNuggets - student project

While people are consume a lot of text-based information via email and social media, but seldon take the same amount of time to sit and read a book. It results in piles of reading backlog, creating stress and frustration about the fact not is being done about that.

Leveraging ingrained information consumption habits of email and social media to gradually deliver nuggets of reading could help users to aleviate their frustration about their reading backlogs, reducind stress and creating a sense of progress.

Teaser message:

"Do you spend hours in social media and email, but DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME to read a book? Well, it isn't a matter of time, but time management.

This service helps you to consume your reading backlog by sending you a few pages daily. With 5 minutes a day reading those, you will be able to add 10 read books a year!!

BookByNuggets - image 1 - student project

BookByNuggets - image 2 - student project

BookByNuggets - image 3 - student project