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Cristian Voicu

Mark making enthusiast



BookBike Color paletts

Appropriate emotions - modern fun adventurous stylish 

Inappropriate - loud corporate cheap

Target audience words  - modern hipster adventure

Appropriate colors - muted, nature related colors

Inappropriate colors - high saturated colors, green / yellow / black(competitors) 

Color picking process - I started with the photos provided and tweaked them slightly until I was happy with them. The "pick colors from photos" technique worked much better than I expected. Very happy with the results.

Color palette #1 - Melancholy inducing palette, muted, nature, autumn like colors. Fit for the 33 - 40 age group.


Color palette #2 -  A little more bright colors but not too bright. For the more fun and adventurous, 18 - 32 part of the target audience. 

I really enjoyed this course and feel that I am more equipped now when I have to pick a color palette. Please let me know what you think, feedback is much appreciated!


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