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Book of Secrets

For my zine, I had a couple ideas I was interested in working with. The first idea was the "27 Club" (the people who are in it and how they died), the Chelsea Hotel (who stayed there back in its prime) and the last idea was focusing on a list of different conspiracy theories. Because of my fasicnation with conspiracies, I chose to go with this topic. To create a contrast between each page, I did one page with a photo of a newspaper clipping with the topic that is considered a conspiracy, and the other page has hand done lettering of another conspiracy. I scanned in my lettering and turned it into a vector. To create another dimension of visual interest, I went through and made a little image in red oil pastel of something relating to the conspiracy. The UFO for Area 51, an X through the moon landing since some consider it a hoax and a question mark through the Kennedy assasination because some people think there is more to his assasination than we know. I finished with the back covering featuring an eye I made a few months ago and and lyrics from a song that I felt fit the zine idea perfectly. 







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