Book of Goals - 2018

27ee0df80103686e44075a6ccd6bb5b2c6e6a73af04f83430c9389253e888946Hello, Ohn Mar!


This is my creative book of goals for 2018. These are just a few of my goals, I do have some more, but they're a bit private :). 

I hope I phrased my goals the right way. I am now very excited about what the future will bring. Writing down what I want to accomplish has really helped me and it has cleared my mind. Now I just have to make some of these goals a little more specific and to work on my daily, weekly and monthly schedule. 

Writing my goals down also helped me gain more confidence in myself, and for me, this is possibly the most important thing, as this is an issue I struggle a lot with :). 

P.S.: I had some problems with my printer and on the day I made the book, the magenta color wasn't working right, so all my printed photos look a bit off. 

P.P.S.: Thank you for the Giveaway on Instagram!

P.P.P.S.: Thank you for your courses! They help a lot. 

Sending you hugs!



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