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Book Cover for 'Bleak House' of Charles Dickens

I followed Jessica's advice and picked one of Dickens' book which I read many years ago - 'Bleak House". 


It is a huge book with many characters and sub-plots. To be honest, at first l read that book in my native language - Russian and I noticed that translation of the name of the book is not accurate enough. The translation literally means "Cold house". However, the name of the book is the name of the mansion which the previous owner committed suicide and at the beginning of the book, the house is half-abandoned and full of dark.  But only until the moment when new residents (main characters) moved there so the mansion became alive again.


I had a few ideas regarding sketches. I haven't made the decision yet, which one I should choose for further work.

#1 I tried to use the inner space of D and presented it is as an entrance door - a symbol of any house. The ivy along the sides should add a bit of drama to this 'porch' and make it look abandoned.

#2 The second option is more illustrative - I incorporated some elements into letter structure to make 'D' looks like a house. 

#3 In the book everything happens in the UK in Windsor and a family name Jarndyce - a big dynasty - plays a significant role in the plot.  So I wanted to make kinda a family monogram as an icon of a big house. 



Eventually, there are two primary design versions. I consider blue one as a main design. Please, let me know which one you like more. Any other comments are very appreciative as well :) Thank you in advance!

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I will very appreciate any comments and feedback  :)

Thank you in advance!



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