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Book Cover Moodboard


The first exercise was to adjust a photo... My changes did not end up looking very drastic, but the greens definitely popped out more, the shadows were intensified, and I was able to get more of the texture details of the flowers.


The second exercise was to cut out a shape using the pen tool. I had been meaning to work more on this skill anyway, and there were some helpful tricks in this lesson. Obviously, I was not very careful about perfect realism of maintaining the grass around the base of the stone, and I cut right through the flower in the center hole... if I was going to work on this project further, it would be more about capturing the shape of the stone, and not actually using the image itself.

For the mood board, I had some colors I had already been given for a book cover project I am working on. It is for a self-help book, so I was really inspired by the soothing teal leaf I found and the grey butterflies. I also included a couple of books that had similar color themes. The image of a crown is also important to the branding of the book, so I also included a gold crown on grey towels as the circle highlight image.



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