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Book Binding

So i got the hang of this class pretty quickly, now its just refining it a bit and adding my own style i think.

I'd like to try it with proper book binding tape as the tape i used is glossy and sometimes has trouble staying stuck. I'd also like to find a way to connect the cover with the spine a bit more, for one of my books (the one in the middle) i used thinner card for the cover and fitted it closer to the spine with the tape ontop if it, which looks good. though perhaps would look better with proper cloth binding tape.

The patterns and designs i've used on the covers are nice but i'd like to progress it a bit more by maybe creating some designs myself and then putting them on the covers.

We'll see how these ideas turn out when i get round to doing them. For now, here are a few of the ones i've done so far, I prefer smaller notebooks so these are about half the size as instructed in the class, with a couple of mini ones added in.


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