Book Bags Purse Co.

Book Bags Purse Co. - student project

Book Bags Purse Co. - image 1 - student projectI love books.  All kinds.  I love to read them.  I love to make them.  I love typography and the look of the written word on the page.  I also love purses, so making a purse out of special books struck a chord with me.  When I carry one of the purses I've made, women flip over them.  



Book Bags Purse Co. - image 2 - student project

I want a label to sew into the lining of the purse, as well as a label to put on the package when I ship them to their proud new owner.


Mood Board 2/Inspiration: 

 I want to meld the concept of book ownership and handbag ownership.  The discerningly quirky bibliophile woman who likes the differnt, the offbeat, the handmade, and might be a bit of a nerdy bookworm-slash-fashionista, would understand the appeal of handbags and clutches that pay homage to the timeless classics of our childhood.


Book Bags Purse Co. - image 3 - student project


 At first the central image of the dragonfly and its ornate background appealed to me, but it is too complex an image to be a woven label.  The label needs to give the impression of richness and some ornate flourishes, yet be clear, simple, clean and easy to read. 

I realized that the decorative touches can be words as well, with some simple shapes to provide visual movement, rhythm and value.

Book Bags Purse Co. - image 4 - student project


My inspirational wanderings led me to vintage postcards and post card markings.  Now I'm starting to get the feeling that I can gather some of these elements and adapt them for the type of message that I want the label to convey.

Book Bags Purse Co. - image 5 - student project

UPDATE 5/31/13


Here are my scribbled ideas for the label.

Book Bags Purse Co. - image 6 - student project

Book Bags Purse Co. - image 7 - student project

CONCLUSIONS:  It's funny how what seems like such a good idea in my head doesn't even come close to translate on the page.


So here are the words that I (think) I want on the label, along with the type styles:


Book Bags Purse Co. - image 8 - student project

The proportions aren't exact beause I was working on the alphabets and how I thought they would work on a woven label.  The little header "Timeless Classics" I want to be reminiscent of the "Once Upon a Time" types of fonts you see in fairy tales.


And I wanted the word "BOOK" to be instantly recognizable, and reminscent of school.  So I based "Bookbags" on Century Schoolbook.


And then, smaller, at the bottom of the label I want Copperplate script saying something like "One of a Kind" or "Handmade Just For You".


Other than those words, I can't think of anything else I might want on the labels.

Update 6/6/13:

Here is a business card I came up with as I went around town seeing if any local shopkeepers would want to sell the purses.

Book Bags Purse Co. - image 9 - student project


Book Bags Purse Co. - image 10 - student project