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Boogie the Imp

 Hi Everybody !!!

First of all GREAT HONOR having Sarah Andersen as a teacher !

I just hope i'm not to late and still can have her opinion  * .* that would be awesomeee..

About my project :b

Visualy speaking my character doesn’t look like me in the traditional sense,,.

he looks with me in an emotional sense..

i drew big eyes not only because i wanted expression  but also because because i wanted my character to look childish, to look like a curious fellow.

then i drew it with kind of a hump because i wanted him to be minion looking, to give the impression that he was a below servant in hell ,

and at last gave him a happy expression to show that although a supposed minion he had  no clue of that .

and that was that.

a character with a supposed bad passed , that has no clue of that.

A curious, happy , nonsensical buddy.


As Final apearence I chose this apearence :D


And finaly!

I already saw the other video Sarah... so... Color ! yeahhh... i think ..


I Realy hope I can still have some remarkes and tips in how to improve..

If you like you can visit my tumblr :b


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