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Cecile Kotsch

Stationery Designer



Bonjour Paper Custom Stationery brand identity


"Bonjour Paper" is a small stationery design studio specialized in wedding paper goods and event papeterie. The designer behind the brand- me ! - Cécile - is a self taught, French. 


Helping me putting "bonjour paper" on the right track, it´s the first time I am creating a real brand for myself.


European most of all French and German educated women and men, high incomes, white collar, who like design and luxury goods in general. Those are people who really want something different and classy.


Unique papeterie goods for an unique event : wedding, birth, christening.....


German and French custom papeterie studios.


- Truly unique paper goods designed by a papeterie lover

- Attention to details and typography

- Customer oriented


- Avoid all French clichés in the brand such as Eiffel Tower .....

- Favorite colors: black, blush, gold or/and tobacco


- Chic

- Modern-vintage

- Whimsical


French Chic without any Chichi

This is what I came with, I really wanted my logo to be iconic, and clearly "Stationery/Papeterie" oriented because I am not willing to sell or design anything else such as logos etc....

But I have a question for you : is the heart too "tacky" ? I want the logo to express my love for stationery as well, but the more I am seeing it, the more I think it´s an "easy" choice..... Well.....

The primary logo works well on the website I think.:

I have created a secondary version, simpler which will hopefully be still readable enough in small sizes for twitter, pinterest etc... And a rounded stamp.

Colors: black and blush are primary. I hesited between tobacco and mustard, but I finally chosen mustard because it looked a little more modern and "happy" than the tobacco.

Typography: I choosed Halis Grostesque because it has this modern/vintage feeling I really wanted + Archer to write the baseline.

Melany Lane will be used in my business stationery, for some titles. I think Melany Lane will add this whimsy, elegant feeling people are expecting for wedding stationery business.

I played a little with some patterns I can use for my business stationery. 

Here is also a work in progress: my probably future business card. I played with the icons I used in my logo. I designed it with both primary colors. I am thinking letterpress :)


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