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Boneshaker Printable Paper Doll

I am currently working on a printable art toy collection, the line that will be called MOXY + MELLOW. This doll is a mockup assembly from the collection, easily printed and constructed from the comfort of home. I wanted to show what a blank, undecorated and assembled piece would look like.

This is the lighting I setup I used: 1 construction lamp + 1 ikea arch lamp + 2 ottlite daylight bulbs. To soften the light I used wrapping tissue and a couple of clothes lines clips. The paper is a kids drawing roll from Ikea. Slighly cream in color. Easy Peasy.

Tried to aim for even light first.

This is a shot without manuvering any lights or settings yet. F-stop 5 at 1/60. I used an Olumpus E-PM1 with stock zoom lens. No crop or photoshop.

I liked the sculpture stand but thought it distracted from the final product so I switched the stand.

This one is a photoshopped shot. I adjusted the lights back and forth until I got good lighting on both sides and front of object. The background looked slightly blue so I adjusted exposure and played with gamma before painting. Then I eye-dropped to check white meter. It was close, around 245. So I did a layer mask and painted around, mostly on the left. I didn't mess with the shadows much so it had weight. The paper doll looked yellowish. So I played with the vibrance by lowering it a tash.  I wanted to keep the wood natural. It took on a slight gray which I love!

f11 @ 1/5 post edited

This image was tough. I wanted to show the doll standing in some way but even flat against the paper the shadows looked too distracting. So I came up with this.

The color still feels a bit yellowish but generally I got the background white without making this piece look tooooo blown out. 

I tried not going fully white with this one. I like to composition but next time a color background should make it pop.  

Pretty happy with the over all results. I think in the future I'm going with a pop color + pattern divided background. Maybe hang a bunch with filament and make them look like an installation.

Wanted to see if I could pull off white on white and still look natural.

Any ideas on propping or staging + lighting paper items like these would be greatly appreciated as I will be working with tons more in the coming future! Feeling a little bit stuck on how to show these at their best. Thanks a ton!!


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