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Bond To Heal


Documentary:  Bond To Heal

Format:  HD 1 X 60

Channel:  Animal Planet 


”Bond to Heal” brings light to the connection between wounded soldiers, service dogs and women in prison, showing how the unconditional love of a dog can heal.


”Bond to Heal” is a film about the power of unconditional love and the need to restore physical and emotional independence. Every day men and women in uniform bear the heavy load of serving our country to guarantee our freedom, a selfless and brave act that at times becomes traumatic and disabling.

The number of American soldiers who lost limbs doubled from 2009 to 2010, and the number of amputees has tripled. ”Bond to Heal” highlights the issue of mobile disabilities, PTSD and how these wounded soldiers are now paired with needed service dogs. This documentary sheds light on the many demands involved in preparing these amazing dogs for a life of service and the dedicated people behind the journey.


”Bond to Heal” focuses on to the connection between wounded soldiers, service dogs and women in prison. Training a highly-skilled service dog is a two year undertaking that requires around the clock dedication. This film traces dog trainer Maria Smith and her organization Service Dogs, as she pairs wounded veterans with service dogs to work together as a team. “Bond to Heal” is an uplifting story that brings hope to soldiers suffering from PTSD and mobile disabilities. It also offers a sense of purpose to women in prison.


1. To illustrate the process in selecting and raising a service dog while introducing the main person behind this complex operation.

2. Show the women responsible for the training of these dogs and how the program is changing behaviors that ultimately benefit society.

3. Demonstrates the science and how the unconditional love of a service dog can heal the anxieties of war.


“Bond to Heal” is a character-driven story. To make sure we capture the essence of the journey, no stock footage will be used. To maintain an organic approach to the subject, all interviews will be conducted on location for all personalities with DSLR cameras. An observation cinema style will be implemented when following individuals as they narrate their scenario, place, time and emotion. The tension and dramatic elements of the plot will be revealed through the voyage of the dog, as the animal is prepared inside a state prison for a life of service.  As the complexity of the training and the science behind it unfold, we become aware of the “aha” moment. The bond and unconditional love of a dog can heal.


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