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Bond Is My Life So I Live By My Word

Bond is my life. So I live by my word. - nas

For me, it's my founding principle. It reminds me to stay true, stay focused, honor your obligations, be honest, live with conviction, and follow through.

They're words to live by literally.  And they evoke so much for me.  They've been the bedrock of who I am and what I believe anything representing me should begin with.  These simple 10 words were first uttered by Nas on "Suspect" from his sophmore album "It Was Written".  To me, they say any promise you make with your mouth you should keep.  Be honest.  My word is unbreakable.  If I say I'm going to do something it's going to be done.  I appreciate dependebility and my future business relationships, including customers, will as well.


Pusha T - Stand for Something

Watching Marc present the "10 Crack Commandments" made me really dig deep on which principle to share.  He also pushed me to really dig into what my Mnuemonic really means on a secondary level.  It's not enough to just say what you mean and mean what you say,  you should hold others accountable for the things they say and/or promise/commit to. Your business may depend on a handshake agreements and relationships that are mutually beneficial become even more valuable.  You cant allow people to take you for granted and benefit from your talent.  


Overall, the lessons that I get have grown exponentially since watching Marc break it down.  I have a few ventures that I'd like to get involved in and it's imperative that I dont get high on my own supply and never sell crack where you rest at. 


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