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Bon Nadal a tothom!


First of all I would like to thank you Elizabeth Olwen for such an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration! This is my first attempt to something similar to a pattern. Actually, I'd never thought about drawing like this since recently. As it can be appreciated, I am kind of trying to find my own style (and I hope I must have one ^^')... So I said to myself just try not to make something similar to someone elses work, just try to do it different and yours.   Any way, let's start!

[Sorry about my English! I'll try to do my best :) ]

I. Collect inspiration.

The topic I chose is Christmas; a great, happy, bright christmas, because I thought it could be nice to use this resulting pattern for my christmas cards (1st time ever I decided to create my own christmas cards... good!). Well, here it goes my moodboard:

I wanted to generate in my mind an imagery around christmas, its elements, colours, shapes, icons, relations, etc. Also, I love geometrics, so I looked for some patterns more structured and with some geometric rules behind.

II. Sketch your ideas.

I am not specially an artist while drawing, so I decided to simply try to draw directly with my pen and see what results I could come out with. While I was drawing, I was realising about what line the design was going to take.

After choosing some of the options, here is how they looked like once digitalized:

III. Share the evolution of your pattern block.

IV. Share your final repeat.

Finally, I ended up with a colour palette basec on green, red and gold; which are for me the colours of Christmas. It's been hard to decide the colors. Actually, I am not sure about the ones I have finally picked... And also It's been very difficult to place all the elements in their right and proper place. Besides trying to hide the actual edges (beginnings and ends) of the pattern block. May be it is too tight of items, but I quite like this way! Yes, honestly, I am surprisingly proud of my results :D

V. Collection.

VI. Mock-ups.

Yes! We almost did it! However, I would really appreciate any feedback/comment :) This is not finished yet, it must be improved! Thank you very much for everything! Yeay!


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