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Bon Iver at the Blood Bank

With all of the awesome projects up here, I wasn't planning to post mine, but the allure of a non-skill-based contest won me over.


I chose Bon Iver because I was in the mood to do something a little sullen/sweet. Also because I heard his name on the radio.

Week 2: Do a pencil sketch of how you want your poster to look.

I looked up some pictures of Bon Iver in concert and the mood of his different album covers and did a lot of doodling. I took two ideas to full(ish) sketches.


The above one ended up feeling way too predicatable with the tears/water/flood theme going on.


This one I thought of because of his EP/song called "Blood Bank," which I think also relates metaphorically to the mood of his music. This is supposed to be a blood bag they would use at a blood bank. The bags always have labels on them that say the blood type (so of course I chose "B") along with other info. I thought that would be a good place for concert details.

Week 3: Ink your drawing elements using whatever drawing materials you’d like.


This is part of my inking. I had to seperate more items than I thought I would, because the first version I did in illustrator turned out not to work very well. I taped tracing paper over my original and used just a thin black marker.

Week 4: Use the elements you drew last week to build a poster.

This is what I came up with.



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