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Bon Appetit!

Thank you for the feedback! I have tried adding a few more flourishes in the thumbnails.  I want my cake to look more french patisserie than it does at the moment, so will work on that some more, but I much prefer this layout and lettering - a lot more work to do!

my cat, Martha...she always decides to sit on whatever I'm working on!I have been trying out different quotes and this has helped a lot in coming to the descision to stick with 'Bon Appetit.' Will carry on posting as I go...

'Bon Appetit!'

It has taken me a long time to find a quote I like!  After re-watching one of my favourite films, 'Julia and Julia,' I have chosen the phrase 'Bon Appetit!' for my project.  It's a phrase made famous by the American cook, Julia Child, portrayed in the film by Meryl Streep.  I really enjoy watching the beautifully designed credits at the start.  As I enjoy illustrating food, I thought a food-related quote would be nice to explore.  

At this point I'm not really sure what style I will use for my quote, but am hoping through my mood boards and experimenting with various styles, it will help to narrow my choices down.  I love the whole cafe culture of Paris and the lettering found on blackboards and restaurant windows, mirrors and doors.  I am hoping to come up with something traditional, but with a modern twist... I think I am aiming to use my phrase for some food packaging design.


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