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Bombay Bicycle Club album art work reproduction

I decided to reproduce the bombay bicycle club 'so long see you tomorrow' cover as I love this album and thought the art work was an appropriate level of difficulty for me to try. On the surface it looks relatively simple but the precise geometric make up of the image means that there if one piece is off even slightly the whole image looks wrong. It also will allow me to try a variety of the techniques from the class.

The original album art work is shown below:

To begin with I built the basic circular shapes on different layers for the different elements, using the ellipse tool. I then experimented with using the pathfinder tool and the shape builder tool to cut out the over lap details. This part took a while, and I found in the end that the shape builder tool was much easier, and proved to be more useful when editing further down the line for this particular project (although I had to remember to click on the object I wanted to delete parts from first then the over lapping path second to ensure the right part was removed). I then used the eye dropper tool to get the correct colours for each circle.

Next I used the pen tool to trace the silhouettes of the people. The male silhouette was relatively simple, however the female silhouettes proved to be more difficult, so I used the blob brush tool and brush tool with stroke effects applied to creat the hair outline then merged the shapes into one. I produced the shadows by duplicating and reflecting the original silhouettes around the different angles, then had to get a suitable colour for the shadows. To begin with I had just used a black shadow and lowered the opacity, but this made the shdow look too grey and masked the original ground colour too much, so using the original ground colour as a base I used the colour sliders to add in more black to create the correct shadow colour.

Finally to finish the images, I used the ellipse tool again to produce the stars

As I didn't know the exact font used I chose a similar font and edited it to mimic the art work. Once this was done I had a relatively similar replica.

You can see a video of how the layers come together here

Looking back at the original image though I could see that an effect had been applied to the image so the colours didn't look so solid and cartoony. From using photoshop previously I guessed that the grain affect would be the best way to replicate this. So i accessed the Photoshop effect gallery through effects>textures and applied a grain to each element except the silhouettes, shadows and text.

(The final result is the project cover photo)


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