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Bomb Girl Book Cover + Hana Hopscotch COVER

I am creating an email opt-in "freebie e-book". Its for the creative business + graphic design/illustration blog I'm setting up. ( Wanted something that focused on what the book is about while still being design awesomeness. So, I chose a bomb girl drawing. Thinking I could tweak her traditional look and get her to blend into my site but with more panache! 

Here is my inspiration board:



I rarely wacom to sketch even though I have a board. Use it most for photo painting and vector work. So you can TOTALLY tell I took me a few tries 'till I got my hand loose. Those hands look like munchkin mitts. The hilarity! 


I really loved the 3rd structure, so I decided to go hand to paper next. I work better + faster that way. Don't think I'll be switching anytime soon because I love the old school way too much. lol! I love the results. Came out just how I thought. A few things to tweak but first I'll line it up. Its my usual workflow.

and a detail


I love lining my images out before going to vector. It makes things clearer for me and gives an idea of the final results. I've never done character illustration work that is just shapes and no line work, so I'm going to try to keep to just shapes on this one. Have to admit, old habits die hard. I'm used to using shapes on indesign layouts. Let's see where I can go with this piece. 

I love the end results. There are couple lines and shapes I want to teak + get rid of once I go vector. Overall love the feel of the whole piece. Especially as a cover. I am keeping in mind fonts and copy layout. 


Since I rarely create my characters without outline first, I found my structure had to tweak a bit. Usually I line out my shadows and gradient my highlights. My brain had to think differently on this one. The results rock BIG stars. Super glad I am taking this class, its pushing my design limits.

I think I may have to come back and add the shadows as shapes + tweak the hair a bit but for now its starter stellarness. Kept the colors crazy bright since the video said it didn't matter but I did take into account the hues in case it was needed.  I'll be honest I kinda cheated and used the pencil tool.  I generally like my images rougher in my finals so I can get crazy movement. so this was more of a preference really. Woot Woot!


I tweaked the shapes and cleaned them up. Gave the hair a more natural flow and resolved the bandana bow. Added som more highlights and really took into account the fabric and movement of each shape. Finally I fixed the facial structure and added touches of shadow for some definitition. 

UPDATE 7/20: I decided to jump to another project because of a deadline. Never did this pro before, so at 32 yrs old I FINALLY decided to going for  #globaltalentsearch with LILLA ROGERS STUDIO. Chance to win 2 years agency representation. Enjoying this class and entire process.

I'm rendering 'Hana Hopscotch' , a creepy cute and playful girl who never leaves her bff 'Teddy Puffitude' behind. Check out my progress pics as you scroll to the bottom. 

Currently bombing my facebook wall. FOLLOW the project with behind the scenes pics. CROSSING FINGERS + posting as I go... 

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I did a facebook live bombing as I worked and it was a success... Here are a few pictures from the stream. 

All these are memes so forgive all the name copy and taglines. Otherwise. BAM! I love the results. Most of all I LOVE how it turned out. The facebook reactions were amazeballs and I finally decided its time to open up my own printables shop. Stop thinking and start doing. Thanks for this class I love the entire process and its pushed my limits for sure! Crossing fingers I make the next round for the LILLA ROGERS STUDIO #globaltalentsearch... :D

I'll post my opt-in Bomb girl book soon! Hellz yes! 


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