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Shonneri Herndon




Bold Lines

So, I didnt have any large sheets of paper so I used an old sketchbook for all my drawings. This class was super fun and I was so inspired by it I pretty much did it all except for the last video in the same sitting. 

Standing Up.

Listening to music I like.

I'm a crazy Kpop fan girl. Been that way for about 7 years now, so when I listen to my fave groups this is how I act basically.

Dislike. One country song in particular about gettingmud on your face or something along those lines lol

Rotating the paper.

Blindfolded. Squares, triangles, road to daycare and back home, my favorite pet (had a toy poodle), and my self portrait. I normally have a curly bun, my face is round-ish.

Lastly, talking out loud. I did this one tonight while watching and talking about the crazy Marriage Bootcamp show. Definitely different from the subject matter in my drawings.

Thanks for looking!  = )


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