Bokeh "Dots" in Atlanta

Bokeh "Dots" in Atlanta - student project

Ellen and Andrea's dot prompt reminded me of this photo I took last year in Atlanta in "bokeh" style (Japanese for "blur"). The effect is created by pushing the light points way out of focus, creating circles and "dots" that just barely hint at objects frozen in time.

I love the play of monochrome and polychrome, the play of fiery, metallic colors against Ellen's "black of ink." There's even something of a "chance encounter," the image falling in and out of focus, a meeting of the real and the imagined.

I'm most interested in the questions behind beauty — how do we start to talk about a beautiful object? how do we start to look at the parts of a piece, or the piece as a whole, and identify moments that make it beautiful?

I love the prompts and themes in this class as (as Andrea says) a "point of departure" for thinking about photos like this one.

Bokeh "Dots" in Atlanta - image 1 - student project

Alyssa Demirjian
Head of Brand & Content