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Bokefalos II Productions


A massive creature, with a massive head, Bucephalos was the horse of Alexander The Great. When first brought to King Philip, no one could tame the beast, but the twelve-year old Alexander recognized that the horse was afraid of its own shadow.

He approached Bucephalos and turned him towards the sun so he no longer could see his shadow. He clapped the horse gently and encouragingly, then hopped unto his back. After that he rode the horse in his youth and later, as King of Macedonia, throughout his campaign to conquer the world.

The biggest fear that artists have is the fear of their own shadow.

By creating an environment for artists to feel secure, guided and supported, Bukefalos II Productions aim to turn artists towards the sun and ride them through the War of Arts, into the realm of sucess.



To find talented content-creators and help finish, polish, promote and sell their work.

The steps included in this are:

  1. Find great up-and-coming-artists who create viralable* content.
  2. Strike up a deal of rights to sell and promote their content and, if necessary, rights to improve upon it
  3. Guerilla market it on the internet and other relevant venues.
  4. Sell it
  5. Scale by repeating the process in different markets (/languages/forums/etc)

* = content that have a high chance of going viral because it tells a story that has an edge to it; a right mixture of controversy and truth.


An online gallery-type-store.

The rights to improve upon, market and sell the content.

A system camera and other technical equipments.


Experts in different areas: sound technicians, photographer, editor, and so on (who's job it will be to polish and create a united feel to different kinds of content)


Our customer is internet-savy and likes to fill his/her life with an un-commoditized type of content and art. He/she is searching for meaning, asking deeper questions than the "larger mass" and care about the small details as much as the big picture.

The hard part is going to be the marketing. Finding great content and their creators is easy these days, but finding content that tells a story that fits with our own story and our customer is going to be harder.

The unique part is going to be the story. A small, independent, media company with no restrictions or codex on what you can or cannot say, show or tell; combined with an universal seal of quality and feel to the content. 


Think HBO and apply their seal of quality and unique feel of their tv-shows to content like books, graphic novels and short films and whatever else we will be ready for.

I am an Entrepreneur. That being said, I will be part of the content-creating (freelancing) every time I feel I have something worth contributing. Also, until cash-flow is established, I will not be looking to hire anyone other than myself and those willing to work for free or commission.


I do not need any large sums, more than the small fees for website hosting and so on. A camera and other equipment can be borrowed when needed to begin with.

My business model is based on bootstrapping and the gradual scaling and expansion of any single project and so, there shouldn't ever be any large investments made.


My first employees are going to be copywriters, editors and content-producers and I will find them by hunting them down and drawing them towards us by building and promoting Bukefalos II Productions as a place of creative freedom and excellence. Their reason for joining will be for:

Being treated like intelligent beings worthy of stardom

The opportunities, possibilities and resources to make their dreams come true, and

To be part of an ensemble of super heroes fighting a war against commodotized art


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