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Boho Style Window Bling--in an hour or less!

Hi everyone,

**Update** Here's the link to my class! Boho Style Window Bling--In Under An Hour! Join me here!

I'm delighted to be with each one of you on this grand adventure of utilizing our gifts to teach others! Thank you for charging ahead with your dreams. Your courage has given so many of us the same gift of courage to do the same. Thank you in advance for feedback. I'm here to grow.

So, here's to jumping in bravely!

Lille (lily)

Below is my class description and project description. 

"Boho Style Window Bling--in an hour or less!"

Class Description

Create a vibrant splash of color "boho" chic for your windows with this utterly rewarding and simple project using Sari ribbon.


Sari ribbon is recycled, repurposed remnants of silk garment trimmings that are collected and sewn together, end-to-end, into a textured, colorful yarn. When I tell you the possibilities of creative expression are limitless using sari ribbon, this hippie-hearted girl truly means it. Got an hour to invest some happy into your world? Cool. Put some groovy tunes on and come play with me today creating instant gypsy whimsy for your places and spaces needing a “WOW” boost.

Project Description

~Window Magic Pick-Me-Up Project # One~

I titled our first project as “# One” because, without a doubt, you'll want to transform your entire living space into a sari ribbon kaleidoscope of color after you sample the yumminess of working with this fabulous, organic material. Perhaps you’ll take sari ribbon into the streets like knitters and crocheters did in urban and rural areas worldwide making cozies and coverings out of yarn on trees, bike racks, benches, lampposts, etc., The world needs more joy so go for it!

In this first project, we’ll take a window or shelf in your living or work space and transform it into so much happy you’ll burst into a bazillion pieces of confetti! I’ll add more project ideas with twists and tweaks to carry this theme beyond the basics.

  • Don’t sew? No problemo. No sewing involved.
  • Not much time? No worries. This project will satisfy your urge for change, color and creativity in about an hour. That is if you can stop yourself from morphing the next window, cubby or place begging for a sari ribbon makeover after you finish this bad boy of joy! Don't say I didn't warn you... But what’s one more art/craft addiction?
  • I'll provide the class with links in an attachment you can download and keep to gather your materials as well as options to improvise if needed. I'm all about improvising and using what I have to re-work projects as needed.
  • Most of all, I'll cheer you on and keep things fun in our classroom! I may be behind your screen a thousand miles or more away physically but our classroom will feel like home for those of you who participate.
  • And for those of you hankering to jump right in with me making your world come alive with this sari ribbon project, I have great news. I have more exciting, easy classes lined up using sari ribbon to keep your artsy endorphins fueled up and cranking out the magic!

So allow me to officially welcome you to the class and into the whimsical world of Woodstock Lily AKA Lille Diane; artist, creative pied piper and enthusiastic soul about life and living. Let's make something beautiful together today. Your presence here is a gift, and that my adventurous, gypsy souled friends, activates my dimples. I can't wait to see what you create.

Remember, before you head out into the world wrapping sari ribbon everywhere like teenagers with rolls of toilet paper on dark your project here so all of us can see the magic you just created. Now go forth and liven up your spaces and places with joy and lots, and lots of sari ribbon!


My class outline can be found here. Outline


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