Fiona Szabo

Maker, Craftivist, Lover of Bricoleur



Bohemian Spirit

I was really inspired by a dreamcatcher I found on Ravelry, and also by a wonderful book ‘’ The New Bohemians’’.

I had an old embroidery hoop to hand and began using crochet to create a mandala/dreamcatcher centre piece to fit the frame. I also came across this great project on Skillshare!

The pink was fun but it felt a little too bright for my home décor. I found some white cotton yarn that reflected the moodboard I had created, and switched to working with that instead.

A friend had recently given me some pompom makers and I was keen to try them out for myself. I also had some lovely soft cotton tape yarn I’d found at a recent yarn fair and choose to work that into the piece.


Collected inspirations – from magazines, Etsy, Pinterest and personal photos.



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