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Bohemian Refuge| Sofa update


My entryway has been sorely neglected as you can see in the "before" picture above.  Once you get settled into a home its easy to stop seeing things for what they are. One would think that since I own a vintage furniture shop and am admittedly obsessed with interior design and styling, that my house would be beautifully furnished, one would be wrong. Not to say that it's all horrible, but there are some areas of my home that are just a little more desperate than others. I think the thing that holds me back from making little changes is that I really want to make big changes i.e new flooring, windows, paint and so on. So rather then bothering to make the place as good as it can be I settle for blah.
So today's post is an example of how little changes can be effective and fabulous even if you still have ugly beige walls and hideously gross carpeting. The reason that I am evening sharing this mini-makeover is not because I think it's totally awesome and a perfect representation of my style, but rather because, I didn't spend a single dollar or even leave the house. I simply worked with what was available and while the improvements were subtle, they were improvements non the less.
So here is a quick summery of my styling goals:
A. Bring in a consistent color pallet.
According to fung Shui my entry way falls into the career and life path section of the bagua. This bagua belongs to the water element meaning I should incorporate things that represent water. For example, round objects, undulating shapes, colors blue and black and mirrors, are all important for insuring that I can continue to succeed doing the the work that I love.
B. Add  texture. I was able to incorporate texture by introducing the sheepskin and the basket
C. Bring in some pattern.
Admittedly I would like to bring in more pattern, perhaps by replacing the throw rug, but here we see pattern in the armadillo, and the framed print.
D. Greenery. I have a rather large plant family, it was pretty easy to relocated a few to the entry way to infuse it with some life.
E. Shapes. When styling a space it always helps to showcase a variety of shapes. In this little vignette, you'll notice that the rectangle shapes of the books and the mirrored tray contrast nicely with the round shape of the vase and planter. In addition to round and square we have the the little black and white armadillo to add a sculptural shape and introduce much needed pattern.
F. Introduce personalized items. It makes me happy to see the the  the arrow that we brought back from our trip to the Amazon river in Brazil has found a home. The armadillo was a gift from a dear friend who purchased it for me in Nicaruagua after we spotted a baby armadillo while we were hiking on a volcano in the middle of a lake.



I just repainted my nightstand/dresser and I am exctied to share it with the class.


And here we have the after. I wish I had placed the kilim rug beneth the dresser so that more of it would show in the shot. Oh well, maybe next time.

And here is a close up shot of the final styling

I have made some changes to my bedroom.  I started by using the same strategy recommended for styling a sofa. I heaped all availible throw pillows and blanket into a big pile and then started piling them on. I realized that I really liked the fuscia with the plumb color that I already had on the walls and duvet cover. Once I picked an accent color, the rest seemed to fall into place. One of my favorite improvements was to the head board. It was a craigslist find that was super cheap. I always knew that I would eventually paint it, but could never settle on a color.  The color I choose to paint the headboard is predawn sky by Benjamin Moore. I made my own chalk paint solution so I was able to paint right over the old coat of paint without sanding or priming. I finished it with a few coats of Olde Masters wax to protect the finish.

I also painted my nightstand/dresser. I was afraid of the room becoming overly femine, with pinks and the purples, so I I went with a masculine grey for the nightstand. The color is called grey lead, also by Benjamin Moore.

Here is an after shot of the nightstand that I painted. This is a rather dark corner of the room so the it's hard to see the color. 

Here is a close up of my restyled nightstand. The shell is an estate sale find that I planted with succulents. The Victorian lady lounging on the settee is way out of character for me as I like more rustic and simple accessories, but I saw her at an estate sale this weekend and she just spoke to me. So here she is, rested on my nightstand.

I swapped my husbands nightstand out for this pretty little cocktail table that was made by his great-great-great grandfather.  It was just being stored in a guest room that got very little use, so I am happy to have it in a place where we can appreciate it on  a daily basis. The lamp is also from the same estate sale. They are a set of  him and her antique porcelain figures. They came with granny- ish lamp shade which I swapped out for exposed eddison bulbs in this tubular shape, which I think makes them look more modern.


Progress on the coffee table. there is still room for improvement though. 

This is the after photo of my sofa. The progress is subtle. I plan on purchasing some new pillows  to improve the vinegette.



I have regretted the purchase of this brown micro fiber chase since it's arrival. It has always seemed impossible to "dress". Every pillow and throw just looked wrong. So today as I was following along with Justina's sofa styling video I had every pillow and throw in a heaping pile in my living room so I decided to give it a go. I am quite pleased with the progress.




I have been dying to paint my bedroom furniture for awhile now. I am kinda obsessed with chalk painting furniture because it is so easy and can have such a powerful transformative effect on a space. My only problem is I can't pick a color. The one color in my space that has to stay ('cause I am not re painting) is the plumb. It's actually a great color for a bedroom because it is soft and calming.  My only issue is picking accent colors. as you can see from this photo I have pops of yellows, turquoise, orange an fuscia. Normally I like bright colors but for the bedroom I want to do something softer and more subdued. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Taking a photo is such a useful way to reevaluate your style needs, profecencies and inadequacies.  Looking at the picture it is clear to me that this area needs a more estheticlily pleasing way to store files. Also, the color palette is not defined. Balance is another issue that clearly needs addressing. Let the fun begin!


oh boy this is one desperate area that is just begging for some styling. So much room for improvement I can't wait to get started...  


looking at this photo I realize I need to add some more pattern and incorporate larger  and smaller scale prints. Currently there is too much medium sized pattern and not enough scale variation.


This is a before shot of my coffee table. It isn't always so empty. But the day I was taking before shots, this is how it looked.

Below is a photo that repersents all of the 8 key style elements. One of my favorite designs by my favorite designer. #EmilyHenderson.


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