Body care

Body care - student project

I really enjoyed it. Had an idea and didn’t know how to illustrate, the process was so pleasant and easy, I am still shocked :)

Body care - image 1 - student project

it stands for:

body care - how to take care of Yourself, following logic.

-smile to Yourself and others - keep Yourself in a good mood - it always could be worse

-be grateful for Your food and put good wishes in Your meals when You cook for loved ones

-move and do movements - it’s natural part of being part of nature - to move

-remember that movement brings life into Your life so when You feel stuck - move a little bit

-You are what You eat - food brings emotions to Your body - so remember to put in what will bring You good states of being

- eat veggies and fruit as much as possible 

- accept that You have dimensional bodies - not only meat body but so much more - emotional one that stores Your experiences, spiritual one that we call soul and much more - there is more of You than You know.

-love Yourself plenty - give love and gratefulness to Your body so it can keep up with a good job for You



I have used a bit more colours than 3 but I kept the pallet and the tool which turned out to be very coherent in the result.

still not sure if the abstract part is up to clearance but at least first steps in my dream depicting of concepts have been putted in.
Body care - image 2 - student project

and from close, sorry deleted already sketches

Body care - image 3 - student project

Body care - image 4 - student projectand a little bonus, look what happened when I combined them on one layer in procreate:

Body care - image 5 - student projectThe first one got way new meaning which I loved straight away - and haven’t came up with this idea before! Maybe it’s a good idea to combine spots to create ultimate spot?:D


thank Your for classes! have a good day lovely community!

Agata Sobiepanna

Agata Sobiepanna
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