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I often hear body shop owners complain about how unpredictable their workflow is. They blame the weather, the “state of the industry” or their big brand competitors who have huge advertising budgets.

Well, here’s a little secret: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get big results … and the weather, “the industry” and your competition do not determine how much work flow you get. You do.

What you need are some ideas and tools that you can use immediately to see results.

I can help you.

Body Shop 2.0 is designed for you, the shop owner. My goal is to pack this website with ideas that will generate you tens of thousands of dollars and I won’t charge you for them. And they will cost you next to nothing to implement. From time to time I’ll have offers of services you can purchase if you’d like to dig deeper into a specific idea or want me to personally coach you. But really the free ideas will be worth thousands in revenue for you.

I have grown my shop 1000% in the last 10 years using the ideas I share here. That's 10x in 10 years! We used to fix 10 cars a month. Now we repair over 100 per month. So I know these ideas work! And I’m still in the trenches every day, running a shop.

I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me a line at my personal email address and let me know how your business is doing and let’s start a conversation! I hope to hear from you soon … and please know that I will personally respond, right away to your email.

[email protected]

Freelancer or Entrepreneur

Currently - January 2014 - I am operating as a freelancer. i am selling my time for money. Time consulting. Time on the phone coaching. Time to build a website.

I want to rapidly move away from this model.

Some questions I'm asking: What I'm selling is my experience of growing a shop 10x with the promise of helping other shops grow. It's my picture on the website. It's my writing on the blog. It's my columns in Fender Bender that are a leverage point.

Do I maintain my story and content as the face of the brand?

If yes: then how do I build processes and package services that do not require me to be physicaly present, expending energy each of step of the way. In other words how do I leverage and scale "me"?

- hire associate consultants (Greg, Chris)

- hire freelancers from O'desk for SEO

- utilize Brooke to manage operations (operations manual?) (standardize client process)

- I sell and market via writing, speaking, conversation, lead gen and follow up

- what are my products? SEO, design, so far... but what about webinars, classes, etc.

Who is doing what I want to do? Maybe not in my industry but people with a Platform... like Dave Ramsey, Chris Brogan, Michael Hyatt ... AND how do they monetize?


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