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Body Builder / Tank / Alien Symbiosis

Hey hi!

My character design is loosely inspired by bodybuilders, tank classes, and alien symbiosis. But as you can see from my thumbnails, I'm still figuring out what that intersection could look like. :) The character needs to be drawn as part of a lineup, so I can't explore any crazy action poses at this time. I imagine the setting to be something like an alternate Earth in the near future--so no high fantasy or futuristic spacesuits.

Anyways, here are my thumbnails. I usually start with gesture drawing, so this was a new (and fun) process for me. I ended up doing two rounds since the my first pass was so blobby. A couple of these don't fit my character brief at all, but I kept them in anyways.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Feedback appreciated!


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