Boden Family Crest

Boden Family Crest - student project

First off... What a great course! It was my first Skillshare class and I loved it.

The Boden clan are a family that loves well. We have been known as some of the most hospitable and welcoming people of our friends. This project was really cool because it created some great conversation between my family. We talked about mantras, values, and one word descriptions. Below are some notes.

Boden Family Crest - image 1 - student project

Then I started sketching a bit for some inspiration. We have always had some sort of hound (bassets and dachshunds) around our homes. So it seemed fitting.

Boden Family Crest - image 2 - student project

I began to play around with some laurel concepts. Laurels are especially interesting because I am the third generation "Lawrence" in our family. Lawrence comes from the latin for laurels. So that happened. Here are some of the different ones I made.

Boden Family Crest - image 3 - student project

Then I started playing with shields and colors. My mother's name is Sword. So I decided to try and integrate a sword. I went away from it in the final design to keep it simply Boden. Included in this art board were some ribbons I whipped up.

Boden Family Crest - image 4 - student project

Here are some typographic musings.

Boden Family Crest - image 5 - student project

After sitting on it a week. I decided the shield was too official. I called up a friend who is a Latin teach to translate the phrase "For beet and hounds and the joy of Christ" as our mantra. The brew paddles were the "beer" connection and expresses "craft" as our family is full of entrepreneurs. Not to mention I am a howe brewer.

Boden Family Crest - image 6 - student project

I am really happy at how it came out. Me thinks Christmas presents are in the works.