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Boarderline silliness: Zoo tale de Amor

Here are some ideas that was off the top of my head. They range from elementary school stories to most recent events. Here's what I got:

1. I met my best friends through a bag of Cheetohs/cheese puffs: I met my first best friends in elementary school after I moved from a public school to a priovate school. When I first moved, I had a lot of problems that most new kids face. I lost my old friends because I got picked on for even talking to them, I was teased a lot, and I wasn't sure to to trust or hang out with. I became awkward and spent most of my first days at school alone..Until one fateful day at snack time. I brought a large bag of cheetoh puffs that attracted the only two girls that would sit with me. They became my best friends throuhout elementary school and made me feel better about opening up.

2.  At the Beach: A sweet date at the zoo, ending at the beach. The biggest theme with this story is holding hands. Through the whole day we tried to find ways to schow how we liked each other. We got closer and closer, but never reached it. But after much talk and gettign closer, he made the first move and we held hands thorughout the rest of the day. A sweet, short idea for a story that I felt a lot of emotion for.

3. Me & my brother break a window: It's self explanitory. My brother and I always played rough and our parents warned us about that. While my parents were out, we had a the great idea of bouncing on my parents bed while swinging a broom stick ( It made sense at the time). Unfortunately, my brother swung the broom the wrong way and smacked a large windowpane that was right next to my parents bed. We saw the glass break in complete dispair. We felt like doomed prisoners; there was no escape. we believed that if we admitted that we were wrong, that we admitted to the wrong doings that we did like adults, it would end with us gettign away with a slap on the wrist...but that didn't work out.

I tossed the idea around with friends and the idea that had the best feedback was the first idea. Here's a little quick sketch for the first idea.

I appreciate all the feedback!


So based on feedback, it seems that the love story conquers all, and I'm excited to get my hands on a young love story!

A day ago I got the chance to visit the same zoo where I had my date and took plenty of great reference shots.


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