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BoFA- Card Project

I hadn't worked much in InDesign before and figured that if a client needs any simple design work I'd like to have a functioning understanding of typography as an asset.

Quite frankly, I found the most difficult thing about this assignment the original 4 card text alignment. I didn't have a lot of fonts loaded up in InDesign that I particularly liked, and spacing the text out in any grid that I created didn't look that good to me. I really liked the 'Miss Helvetica' example from the class videos so I had to try to create something while not directly copying it.

These were the 4 designs, in order of 1->4 that I came up with. I started simple and worked more towards something that I would actually enjoy by the 4th. (I wasn't sure how to make the pages I was working on have a natural looking border to simulate a real card, so unfortunately I had to make a black rectangle outline to border the card. It looks ugly in my opinion, so I apologize in advance.)







Then I went on to the portion of the assignment using the text with different effects for emphasis on the back of the card.


And probably my favourite part was getting to the final design. I actually enjoy what I came up with-- although simple. If not for the black border, it looks great.


I would almost be temped to leave out my name on this card though, and just have the back with a mini-profile for myself.

Please give me your feedback and let me know how you think I could have made these efforts better.



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