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Blueberry Muffins

Hi there! I first tried doing this project for the special valentines day project (below), but I only had a few hours and my project turned out quite simple. I wanted to try again and incorporate more of the skills Tom taught in this cool class. 

I am working on another project that involves blueberries and have been sketching illustrated recipes and many paintings and drawings of blueberries. I wanted to try out the Inky Illustration style as a part of this project. I did a square format because I'll probably post it only on instagram. :)

My "five things" were the blueberries, a whisk, a muffin tin and two canisters for flour and sugar. I also wanted to include eggs but it got too crowded.

I sketched the icons in pencil, scanned them, traced over them in photoshop and filled in the spaces with black. I then uploaded some textures and add them and one color to the project. I also used some of Kyle's Brushes as I have been experimenting with those lately. 


This was a fun project and a very interesting way of working. I have a bit of a difficult time conceptualizing the layers and the black, as I typically dont use a lot of black in my artworks. It's definitely a style I love to look at (I'm a fan of Tom's for sure!) but I'm not sure it's my cup of tea! I'll keep playing around and maybe find my groove.

Love seeing everyone's projects for this course and I look forward to Tom's next classes! :)


Into the Sunset Valentines Special Project (version 1)

Hi all! Got started a little late on the Valentine's project.. since it is tomorrow haha. But I wanted to try out the techniques from this course and the workshop seemed to be a good first try. I will also work on the 5 things project with a little more time.

The assignment for this workshop was of course to create a Valentines Day card using the techniques from Inky Illustrations. (LOVE the class woohoo!)

My brainstorm was the typical "romantic" things: hearts, candy, flowers, red wine by the fireplace. Then I thought red wine by a bonfire and skinny dipping on the beach. That turned into "let's run off into the sunset together" then "let's ride off into the sunset together" ...thus the horses. 

I was going to do two naked figures running hand in hand into the surf but it just seemed too annoying to draw without looking weird and unromantic :) I don't really like drawing people anyway.

So I sketched some horses and a simple background with pen. I can't draw very well so that was a challenge haha.




Then I created a bunch of "ink" mess, but I didn't have ink so I used black watercolor. I smeared with my hands and a brush and drew lines with my pen.

I used the pen tool in photoshop for the first time, and well, probably squares would have been a better choice in shape. It took me a while and I still haven't figured out exactly how it works, but I'll search skillshare for a class. The waves are also drawn with the pen tool.

Originally I was planning a lot more texture in the image but it looked quite messy so I left it more minimal. I used some dry brush texture for the "sand" and some for the "sea". I drew lots of lines for manes and tails for the horses but I hated it when it was on there.

Mostly I just used my watercolor cloud shapes and colorized them.

Although it looks like quite a few colors it is really just shades of 3 colors and grey for the horses.

My tag line message was going to be "let's ride into the sunset" but I changed it to "run free with me". Both are ridiculously cheesy.




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