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Blueberry Muffins

My old Nikon DSLR bit the dust after 10 years, so my beloved bought me a Cannon Rebel EOS t4i shortly after Christmas and I am loving it! It has some great automatic settings on it, but I hope I learn how to work with the manual settings through this class.

Right now, it's blueberry season where I live, so I'm up  to my eyeballs in them ... 10 quarts on my kitchen counter this weekend!  I've made muffins, pie, jam, and eaten my fair share.  

I wanted to photograph the homemade blueberry muffins on my favorite red plate, but couldn't get the angle quite right.  Here's one of the shots. 

I have a huge picture window in my dining room that I use for sunlight. You can see it in the background. After messing with my red plate, I moved on to a piece of fabric. I like the muffin and blueberries on the same level here. I think this is my favorite of the 4 I uploaded.

I love the broken muffin effect, but had trouble with the glare on the fork. 

Now ... on to eat that muffin!


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