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"Blue" lotus

I love watercolor, and cythia, you are so wonderfull to listen to! 

for my flower I chose this gourgeous lotus flower as my reference:


I chose this one because the flower had the visible blue parts which I figured would make it possible for me to use more colors :)

unfortunately all my gear is packed away in a storage, so all I had was 1 super tiny brush (really super tiny) and kids watercolors (so not the best quality), but I figured the tiny brush would make it possible for me to work a bit with the lines that you see in the flower petals.

this is how it turned out:


and here is a little close up:


the color of the picture is slightly yellow because of the light I took the pictuer in.

Feel free to comment, and Cynthia I would love some advice if you have opportunity! ^^

I will definitely do more flowers in the future :) 


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