Blue Wolf | Skillshare Projects

Stefanie Calkins Wolfe

Graphic Designer / Photographer



Blue Wolf


Since I receive a lot of emails from the Humane Society about the gray wolf, this is what drove my search -  wolves, coyotes, foxes, learned there were hybrids - and came across this guy, which became my inspiration.



While I am familiar with the pen tool, the parts I struggled with involved simplifying the shapes I saw on the face. Over 2-3 days, those shapes changed as I came back to my project. I had too many shapes in the beginning, and minimalized them as I went on.



Blocking In

After several attempts, I moved on to blocking in my shapes - which also evovled. 


Started tweeking soft lines since, afterall, it's a sports logo…he needed to look intimidating, strong, and leave someone with the feeling "don't mess with me"


Color and Shading

Adding the highlight shapes was experimental at times, as well as a struggle. Learning to think negative space and positve space was one of my biggest hurdles with this project.


Why blue? I felt he needed to have a cold feeling to him and at the same time, it needed to be bold and fun to represent a sports team.  But I had fun working on this…and I learned a lot from Fraser on how to think using very familiar tools. ;-)



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