Blue Mountain Coffee Liquer

Blue Mountain Coffee Liquer - student project

My product is a coffee liquer label.  The label is called Blue Mountain (the title coffee liquer will just be in regular text below the name Blue Mountain).

Blue Mountain refers to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica which produces some of the finest coffee in the world. There is a well known coffee liquer that is made in Jamiaica called Tia Maria and the lettering is nice but I want a label that would bring in the Blue Mountain aspect. 

I wanted the lettering to have a smooth easy feel to it the same as the taste of Blue Mountain coffee. I am trying to work on creating lettering that has the strokes that would remind you of the outline or spine of a mountain. I want to use lettering that is a bit calligraphic but not as formal.

Below is one choice for the lettering


Another option that is on a an arc


Third lettering option


I am going to work on an illustrationof mountain peaks to go along with the lettering.