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Blue Glove Kickboxing

Since moving to Orange County a few years back I've noticed one thing above all, rich, fit, attractive people. Most of these people have found success in banking/finance or real estate. At times these jobs can be become extremely stressful. What better way to relieve the stress then driving your Ferrari down PCH to slug it out in an upscale modern kickboxing gym. Even though Orange County isn't known for it's brokerage firms I've found inspiration by recently watching Wolf on Wall Street. I have a vision for a kickboxing gym with a fusion of Wolf on Wall Street meets K-1/Glory Kickboxing. I was going to say Fight Club originally because of comradery amongst the characters but that movies carries to many negative traits to be a strong influence. I envision members with a strong competitive brotherly bond while discussing stocks and bonds.


Blue Glove Kickboxing
(Inspiration from stock term "Blue Chip")

(Definition of Blue Chip: A nationally recognized, well-established and financially sound company. Blue chips generally sell high-quality, widely accepted products and services. Blue chip companies are known to weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which helps to contribute to their long record of stable and reliable growth.)

Target customers 

Age = 20's - 30's

Gender = Male (mainly)

Ethnicity = Predominately Caucasian and Asian

Education level = MBA

Income level = 100K+

Locale = Urban

Other = Highly intelligent, well spoken/groomed, wealthy, and technical individuals. 

Other notabel company names during brainstorming: Closing Bell, Trading Punches, The Exchange, Barn Burner, Counter  

Concept Swipe:

Typography Swipe:

Composition Swipe:


Color Swipe:


Icon Swipe:



Sketch Session 1:

Sketch Session 2:

Sketch Session 3:

Sketch Session 4:

After sketching until my pen dropped, I've decided on a logo that can stand alone without any text. I'm really feeling the "B" that is hollow and the "B" that is the modern looking serif. The glove is a great concept but I feel it's pretty cliche. Also the split "B" on Sketch Session 3 in the top right is something I'd like to play with a little more. Side note: The blue glove with "BLUE" split (in Sketch Session 4, top center) is catching my eye as well. This might be a design I'll explore and play with further.

The more I sketched the more hard lines seemed to be a common theme among them. When I refine the sketches I'll be focusing on hard/technical lines for the logo. 

Refined sketches:

During the process I decided I liked the "Blue Glove" on one line. You will notice in 3 and 4 I've converted the type to all one line. It looks more clean and simple. Looking forward to feedback! 


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