Blue Bird in Acrylics

Blue Bird in Acrylics - student project

Thank you so much Mohini for this extremely detailed class! I am usually a watercolor painter, though I started with acrylics 3 years ago. 

When I saw your bird, I knew I had to paint it too. I chose to paint on canvas, so that I could either hang it on the wall, or gift it. I really like the way it turned out, even if my bird's wings and tail are a bit rounder than yours, and the wing's shape seems slightly different too. 

I really appreciated the level of detailing you bring to your painting and your class. Explaining the exact colors, the exact color mixes was very helpful. Also which brushes to use. I do not have great acrylic brushes, and I am reluctant to use my fancy watercolor brushes for acrylics. But I managed to get this bird as detailed as possible! 

I could have worked on the beak and the eye more, but after 5 hours of painting, I had to call it done at some point! (which I always find harder to do with acrylics than with watercolors, because you can keep 'fixing' it!)

Blue Bird in Acrylics - image 1 - student project

ps - there seems to be a light reflection in from of the bird, above and underneath the tree branch.

Claude C
Acrylics and watercolor artist