Blown Away

Blown Away - student project

Blown Away - image 1 - student project

With the data of "Dataset #2 / Hurricane Strikes by State", I want to create a map with the Top 10 striked states. Lettering will be illustrating the name of each state on the map becoming more or less "windy" depending on the quantity of impact. This is a really rough sketch. I think I need to work on the palette and contrast for the smaller names, but at least wanted to get the idea out there!

Blown Away - image 2 - student project

Here's the final Version of my Blown Away map. I added a little blurb describing the data, made the title larger and change the placement for better hierarchy. Also, made the lettering treatment and added some texture and and contrast for better legibility. I would have like to add a bit of the "windy treatment" to the main title, but unfortunately I ran out of time. Let me know what you think, all comments appreciated!