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Hey everyone! I'm David, a designer by day/puttering sculptor at night residing in Seattle. I've only recently been introducted to the designer toy scene, but be it a Dunny to a Bramble to a Baby Horn, I am gorging on it!

My work tends to be a little whimsical, maybe teetering on sappy (Say Anything, Amelie, and The Fisher King are in my top five all time great movies so..ya...there's that), so I'm planning to explore the feeling, just at that moment, of a breakup. Just when your heart gets kicked out your ass. Total devestation. We'll see how it goes. If I start getting swampy with the sugar, reel my sensibilities back in. I do listen. Usually.

Love the mood boards so far! Here's my little mess. No rhyme or reason. Just things that take me to, well, a mood. I'll group up a few very soon!



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