Blossoms and Bugs

Blossoms and Bugs - student project

Hi! I took the class to learn the ins and outs of creating repeat patterns and, to make life simple, just used some elements I had drawn on Procreate and had in my sketch files. I loved the way you explained the steps - I got confused when I tried to follow in some other teacher's classes - but you managed to get through to me. Thanks!

I really got into seeing what I could do with fill layers and the color adjustments on Photoshop and created an array of colorways. I got absolutely giddy when I figured out the black on white and then inverted it to white on black! So much fun!

I added these to my Redbubble shop ( and enjoy seeing the designs on the products I selected. (Had to change them to CYMK so I learned how to do that, too!)

Now I want to learn how to do halfdrops, and how to do a repeating textured background so it's seamless. Can you recommend a class for those?

Thanks so much for this class. I lost two whole days in front of the computer being absolutely in "the flow" but so enjoyed it. It was worth every minute!


Karen AnneBlossoms and Bugs - image 1 - student projectxBlossoms and Bugs - image 2 - student project