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Blooom (Formerly There will be Flowers. Definitely Flowers.)

UPDATE: Whew! Done! I'm content with the way it turned out. But I'm hungry to do more.

I have to get a REAL camera to do what I see in my head... this was shot entirely with my iPod Touch. Constraints might be good in some cases, but this was really limiting. I didn't have access to anything else, so I just went for it and tried to get something out of it that resembled what I imagined. I wanted more light in my shots but I was at the mercy of the weather since I wanted to shoot in only natural light. I worked at getting the light I had to do the most it could. I just wanted it to be dreamy and beautiful. It has that quality in some moments. I also struggled with finding the perfect (and maybe free) music but then remembered a fellow parent and neighbor singer/songwriter, who happily shared her work with me for this. I'm so grateful she did. I definitley learned a lot in this exercise. I hope to improve on the next one. But I'm pleased and delighted to have a finished story!

Flowers have been a constant thread through my life - from the little garden cuttings my mom put by my bedside, to the gardens I have had, to the flowers I like to have on my desk when I work and the ones I put by my bedside now. When my work and life went through some big upheavals, flowers were something I treated myself to as a luxury. But now they are becoming more of a necessity. I am being pulled to follow this muse. And though I don't know where it might take me, there will be flowers. Definitley flowers.


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UPDATE: After struggling with this and then giving it much thought,  I realized it was bigger than I could handle at the moment and so perhaps it really isn't the time yet for this story. I really want this to be more of a tool for learning, um, the tools! And  so I'm paring it down to just the flower bit. 

Still light. Still space. Still simple. 

(original idea - now scrapped)

A portrait of my house and my life in it.

Some of it's history - it was built in 1792. How it was, is now, and what I want it to be. Evolving.

Light. Space. Simple. Small portraits/vignettes of its details and my work there. Like a video mood board.

Oh, and there will be flowers. Definitely flowers.


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