Blooming - student project

Hey there!

Here are a few examples on using Ink Pens and Watercolor together.


Here I did a loose watercolor inspired by some flowers I had with me but changed the colors to shades of pink and blue.

Blooming - image 1 - student project

After the watercolor was dry I used two copic multiliner, Wine and Olive Green and drew over the watercolor work the same flowers, I wanted for the work to be delicate, sketchy and fresh.

Blooming - image 2 - student project

Other examples:

Here I used Watercolor and Ink pens (Unipin FineLine and a copic multiliner).

These are motifs I used to create a pattern design in Photoshop.

Blooming - image 3 - student project

Blooming - image 4 - student project











Ink first and then watercolor for this one.

Blooming - image 5 - student project

In the one below I used a waterproof Indian ink and a brush to make the signs.

Once dry I used watercolor over it. And once the watercolor was dry I drew over it with ink pens creating details and shadows. I added a few dots with a white Uni Posca on a butterfly.

Blooming - image 6 - student projectBlooming - image 7 - student project


 Your turn! :)

Don't worry too much and have fun with these tools ;)


See you soon!


Laura Lencioni
artist + surface pattern designer