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Blooming Season

I call my project "Blooming Season", which has begun where I live.  I'm one of those folks that thrive on sunshine, warm breezes, and colorful blossoms!  Sometimes it seems like it takes all my strength to survive the dark, cold winter months.  Dreaming of the first blooms of Spring is one of the things that gets me through.  One of my favorite things to do in the blooming season is to take an early morning walk about my garden to see what new bloom has joined the party.  One by one, these treasured guests arrive in all their splendor, and join in the celebration that is the "Blooming Season"!

I also chose this name because I feel like I am in a blooming season personally.  Doing pattern design is something I've dreamed of all my life (although I didn't know that is what it was called!), and during this last year I am finally taking the steps to make this dream a reality.  All the potential that has been hidden is now bursting forth like a new and beautiful bloom!

I've been collecting photos of interesting and unusual blooms such as the ones below:



With these as inspiration, I began sketching.  I liked the idea of not only including the blooms, but of capturing the buds as well, so I sketched a couple of bud motifs.  Some I scanned in as pencil sketches, and used the Image Trace, but I found I got better results if I went over the pencil sketch with black ink once I was happy with it.  The ones I scanned in pencil I ended up using the blob brush and re-drawing in Illustrator.



I loved the colors in these photos, and I felt they captured the freshness of Spring Blooms and the beautiful blue sky after a Spring shower.




Here's the Hero Print:


Next, I think I'll continue with the idea of a garden party and create some coordinating prints and spot illustrations.


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