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Bloom of Hope


C L A S S   P R O J E C T

Pattern: Bloom of Hope

Mood Board: There are several different pieces of inspiration I'm compiling for this pattern. I started with the words 'bloom' and 'hope' which were originally inspired from Isaiah 41:18: "I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water." I'd like for my pattern to express a refreshing growth with lots of vines, fresh blooms and budding florals. The floral photos are from our garden, which we lovlingly refer to as "the Todd Nest." I'd like to incorporate feathers because of the organic feel that they have. They just seem to add a sweet motion to a pattern when shaped well. Finally, I'd like to integrate large vintage blooms with a modern flair, inspired by the vintage hankies my great-grandmother passed down to me. My husband and I had a 'vintage hankie tree' at our wedding as one of the wedding favors for our female guests (pictured below). Side note: These were hankies we collected; not the ones my great-grandmother left me - those are all nestled in a special place in my studio. :) That was one of my favorite elements of our wedding and the designs on each hankie was unqiuely splendid. My final piece of inspiration is the song "Bloom" by Mae, which I can basically guarantee I'll be listening to on repeat as I design this pattern. :)


Color Palette: I'm really loving the colors below. They're a totally different direction from the bright colors on my mood board but they seem to offer a beautiful balance of light and dark. I like to think of these as my "desert collection" palette. 


Illustrations: Many of the illustrations and sketches have been inspired by the lovely details on the vintage hankies my great-grandmother passed down to me. The other ones were inspired by a crochet and sewing book from the 70's. I was super excited when Elizabeth suggested looking in old pattern books because I have several laying around in my studio as decor - I didn't even think about using them for illustration inspiration! 






I went ahead and made a secondary print as well - because I just. can't. stop!! 





As much as I love this color palette for the desert collection, I've really been obsessing over pastels so I decided to do these as an alternate color way as well! 


I also decided to do my first official mockups!! Process: I created these journals with the pen tool (traced over an image of a journal). As the Fill, I used my pattern swatches then Effect > Drop Shadow. Then I added a slim band (Effect > Drop Shadow) to act as the band around the journal. 


For the pillows, I probably took the long way around but I'm pleased with how they turned out! Live Trace two pillow forms > change Fill Color to pattern swatch of choice > Save as transparent .png > Open in Photoshop > Effects: Add drop shadow and inner shadow > Save as transparent .png > Open in Illustrator and place them on artboard. 


I love, love, love this course, Elizabeth!!! You are such an inspiration! You couldn't have picked a more perfect timing to present this challenge. I've found such a passion for designing patterns since taking this course so I set the month of June aside to find inspiration, draw and play around with new patterns. Going step-by-step through this challenge has helped me to revisit the details of pattern design and to make sure that I'm covering the basics of the design while also striving for uniqueness and finding my personal style. Thank you!!!


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